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I discovered some of my potential as a little girl, but I did not give them any special thought. I thought there were normal. The first serious indications of my "power" were discovered by my uncle who had serious heart problems. I was giving him "massages" and after some time, the uncle's heart condition improved. Soon, the other relatives and neighbors sought my "massage". After that, I decided to quit my studies for a preschool teacher and started learning about bioenergetics in a more serious way.

In the late 60's, this field of human activity was highly unexplored, and thought about as something supernatural and occult. Because of the growing number of people interested in visiting me, I began having problems with the police. I even got a suspended jail sentence.

Realizing that I would not be able to gain more knowledge in this way, I contacted mr. Zdenjek


Rejdak, the chairman of the World Psychotronic Organization who, intrigued by my letter, invited me to Prague.

I underwent many different researches at the most famous European institutions. One of the most thorough, top-quality research was done in Moscow. It revealed that I was simply a "channel" for the energy flow, and I received a certificate of the Scientific academy of the ex-SSSR.

Afterwards, I was getting invited to all the important world conventions on the alternative approach to healing. Wanting to effectively help the diseased, I begins intensive study of traditional medicine. Today I have an impressive knowledge in this field.

Because of great number of skeptics, during my

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